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Murfreesboro Businesses are Preparing for White Lives Matter Rally

MURFREESBORO, TN–  In the heart of the Historic Downtown Square, White Lives Matter protesters are expected to rally on Saturday, October 28th.  City council members are encouraging business to not open during the day in amidst of the protest.

With the events that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, many business owners are fearful that the same events could happen here in Middle Tennessee. The City Council met with the businesses on the square to encourage them to close for the protest as they are blocking off the square at midnight on Friday the 27th. The owners are saying that everyone is taking the situation very seriously.

“I don’t want to see any violence. I mean if there is then [the police] will take immediate action and start arresting, but hopefully it won’t come to that,” Let’s Make Wine store owner Jack Lisi explained. Most businesses, like Let’s Make Wine, on the square are closing and a few are even deciding to board up their windows just to be safe in case the rally gets out of control.

While some are preparing for the worst this weekend, others like Chris Gurbman, the Country Gourmet store owner, are hoping for the best. When asked what Gurbman was doing to prepare for the rally, he responded, “Praying. We are going to do a whole lot of praying.”


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